Soil erosion due to rainfall in plane and inclined surfaces

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Soil erosion due to rainfall in plane and inclined surfaces

Soil erosion due to rainfall in plane and inclined surfaces

Md. Jahir Uddin1,*, Md. Alamin1, A. Ahsan2, S.A.A.M. Hossain3, S.M. Abdullah Al Faruq1


  • To evaluate soil erosion, two physical hydraulic models were established.
  • Soil erosion rate of bared bed is much higher than the vegetated one.
  • Eroded soil volume can be estimated for silty sand if rainfall is known.
  • Error in rainfall data (%) was obtained from rain gauge and plastic bucket.
  • Organic contents are increased for both surfaces with respect to time.


Soil erosion is a gradual process that occurs when the impact of water or wind detaches and removes soil particles, causing the soil to deteriorate. Due to soil erosion by water, the sediment attached nutrients (e.g. phosphorus) deteriorates water quality in surface water body (e.g. lakes and streams). Rainfall intensity and vegetation type highly influence the soil erosion. In order to understand the scenario of soil erosion due to rainfall, plane and inclined bed surface models (area of 4m2) are developed and the soil characteristics for both bed surfaces are studied. A rain gauge is fabricated and the amount of error (%) in rain gauge was measured by comparing the rainfall data collected from this rain gauge and a plastic bucket. This study shows that the amount of soil erosion due to rainfall is much higher in inclined surface than plane surface and the soil type of plane and inclined surfaces is silty sand. By knowing the rainfall, the volume of eroded soil can be estimated by using the developed equation in this study for silty sand surface. The vegetation impact on soil erosion shows that for the same amount of rainfall, erosion rate is higher on bared bed at earlier stage than the vegetated one. The vegetation reduces the erosion rate. It is also found that the organic content of soil in both surface conditions increases with respect to time.

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