Analysis of effect of masonry infill on soft storey building

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Analysis of effect of masonry infill on soft storey building

Mahmudul Hasan Bagha, Sumit Purkayastha, Md. Mohiuddin Hassan, Rubieyat Bin Ali*, Md. Mofizul Islam


  • In general, storey drifts decrease with the use of masonry infill.
  • Masonry infill can sustain with higher vibration.
  • Masonry infill model is suggested in seismic prone areas.
  • The effect of 5˝ masonry infill is compared with 10˝ infill.
  • The thicker masonry wall is seen to undergo less drift.


The vacant first storey is a common feature in modern multistoried building construction. So, this is vulnerable in seismic prone areas. Although multistoried buildings with soft (open) ground floor (GF) are inherently vulnerable to collapse due to seismic load, their construction is still widespread in Bangladesh. This is for keeping space for parking of cars on the ground floor. This study highlights the importance of recognizing soft storey problems in building design and some possible ways to resolve the problems. The main aim is to inspect the characteristics of the tall or multistoried building with and without infilled frames and analyze under seismic loading condition. All types of work consist of major two parts. At first, the lateral load-displacement curve for the column and masonry wall is obtained using nonlinear finite element analysis from which lateral stiffness of the column. Detailed parametric study with different PGA (peak ground acceleration) values, earthquake frequency and the varying number of stories are performed to obtain a guideline of the collapse of different types of buildings under seismic loading. After the non-linear dynamic analysis, the behavior of these structures is compared. All types of analysis are done by ETABS software. It is evident that the natural frequency is completely different from the code - provision of natural frequency due to the presence of infill. The problem of soft storey buildings is that they collapse sooner and easily under seismic excitations. To compare the effect of 5-inch masonry GF infill with 10-inch masonry GF infill is also discussed. It is found that storey displacement is adversely proportional to the use of masonry infill. Masonry infill can sustain with higher vibration and this is stiffer than other cases. So, masonry infill model has a good resisting ability for storey displacement.

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